servicesAnxiety – Stress – Depression

DDDF9804-3059-407C-97AF-6806A49A2969Everyday life today can be very demanding and, at times, these demands can cause us serious health problems, both physical and mental. Stress, fatigue, work, illnesses, children, family and daily chores and responsibilities in general need not be the cause of our conflicts if only we learn to handle them appropriately.

A psychological guide focuses on the social reality and in finding solutions can be an essential tool to help us comprehend and learn to use those techniques necessary to enjoy a better quality of life.

Learning Disorders And Disabilities

A precise diagnosis at the right time can make a difference to the approach our children need to work their full potential and, paying attention to those skills that may need to be polished a little difference will make learning, even with a little difference, a lot easier.

graciela-15At Paz y Bienestar we believe that all people are unique and different, and that each person has their “superpower”, which means that, sometimes, they also may have an “archenemy”. Let us help your child to discover their “superpower” and to deal with their “archenemy” in the most appropriate manner.


Grief is a completely normal process in humans, which is divided into different stages, each stage is necessary to help us find the right balance in our lives after a major loss: a loved one, a job, a partner, a dream…

An appropriate approach and intervention of a grieving process helps us resume the course of our lives in a healthier way, making it less tiring and overwhelming for our mind and body.

Separation – Family Conflicts and Couples Therapy

young-happy-couple-after-successful-260nw-630815624As each person is unique and different, it is impossible for everyone to agree with the same ideas, thoughts and feelings. Mutual respect, appreciation of the personality of our loved ones and understanding are imperative in interpersonal relations.

A professional support during family conflicts or during the separation processes can provide us with a more natural and less negative view of these situations, giving us room to grow and learn from ourselves and our loved ones.

Psychological Diagnostics and Therapy

When we ask for help we are offering ourselves one of the best gifts we can: we are giving ourselves the opportunity to be as happy as we can be, be proud of who we are and we are motivating ourselves to seek joy and personal success. Often, with the help of proper psychological counseling and professional support it is that we find that catapult and the momentum needed to become the best version of ourselves.


The world around us is constantly pushing us, and it is not surprising if occasionally the constant stressful situations we live leave us a little helpless. We often find ourselves watching and feeling tempted to take other outlets or seek momentary inducements to deal with day to day responsibilities and feelings, however these normally are not long term solutions. Let us help you change habits and behaviors that may not be the best choice for you.



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